Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Shopping Trip

My two best shopping buddies and I recently went on a Fabric Acquisition Road Trip.  Yep, we spent a whole day f.a.r.t.ing around SE Wisconsin!

I picked up a few things at the Ben Franklin in Oconomowoc.  Gosh, I love that place! 

Some yardage for doll clothes and/or Miss A -- think Angry Birds pj bottoms...

Tulle for some tutus.
Then we toddled on over to Gayfeathers in Madison.  I got some olive green twill for slacks and a black and white plaid wool for a jacket -- not to be worn together!!  But I'm tired of wearing black pants all the time, so I got something different -- the olive and a dark gray. 

I love the selection of garment fabric.  The owner, Virginia, is a friend of sewists everywhere.  But be warned, the shop is in an old building, so if it's hot, plan to sweat a little.  She has an air conditioner, but this is definitely not a chain store.  But I believe in supporting the small merchant and she definitely caters to garment sewing enthusiasts. 

I also found a red batik that I need for cornerstones on my red, black and white quilt top, and some cute cotton with hedgehogs on it.

From Gayfeathers -- hedgehogs!!

After lunch, we made one last stop at Mill House Quilts in Waunakee.  They're paving Main Street in Waunakee but we didn't let that stop us!  Thank goodness for back roads and google maps!  This shop is not to be missed.  The display of samples is amazing.  They always have something hanging up that will inspire you. 

From left, four fat quarters and the rest is yardage.
From Mill House I picked up some fat quarters, and four prints from the bargain room, plus Badgers and Packers fabrics. I just realized that in my photo the Packer fabric is upside down!  Oh well... 

The florals and the blue dots and pink plaids were 20-30% off.  If you go to Mill House, and you should, don't go looking for the florals because I took what was left on the bolt.  The black is destined for a skirt for Miss E.  The blue became a table covering for my Sunday School table on Sunday morning but will be repurposed into some cute pjs for Miss A.  She must have grown three inches this summer, soon she'll be as tall as me.

After we got back to where we parked our cars, Marlene and I took a jaunt through the River Boutique yarn shop in Brookfield.  OMG you cannot believe everything that is in that shop!!  Check out their web site.  They invite you to bring your knitting in when you visit... I hope to visit again soon when I have more time.


It's fabulous, even the chairs have sweaters.  I kid you not.  One chair had a sleeve with a hand sticking out of it -- a glove mannequin, I am sure.  But you could spend hours just looking at the displays.  They have a bargain room which I did NOT enter for fear my credit card would curl up if I did.  I did pick up a few skeins of to die for fibers but those are for another post.

Now to get to stitching up all this wonderfulness!

Sew on...