Thursday, December 7, 2017


Today I am thankful for the talents of physical therapists!  After just a couple of sessions with the talented Courtney I am moving, walking, sitting and bending with no pain in my back. 

It's amazing what can be done.  Although I am also thankful that the injury wasn't worse than it was, it was bad enough that I couldn't function normally.  So let's give a cheer to those PTs who save us from ourselves, I guess.

Last time she had me run through all the exercises that she assigned and then added the stationary bike for five minutes.    After that she reminded me how I should be stretching, and how I should be lifting.  Use your legs, not your back!  Yes, I did know that from the last back injury, but we forget, don't we?

 I'm thankful that I can get back to my normal activities, but I'm concerned that I have too much to do!  All that Christmas shopping that I was avoiding is now on a deadline that's shorter than the daylight in Wisconsin in December!

Tuesday I took my favorite auntie to get an amplified phone for her house.  She has hearing aides and can hear her cell phone OK but she doesn't always hear it ring when it's not next to her.  And her home phone (land line) is not loud enough.  She's putting it on speaker and holding it up to her ear! 

Shades of the old-fashioned!
The phone she got is loud and has a loud ringer.  And it has a volume control, an answering machine built in, and it hangs on the wall, all requirements for her.  The only thing that needs to be done now is to hang it up and program it.  I'm letting her call her younger son to do the hanging, because I think drywall repair may be involved.   And wall patching is not in my resume.

I do have a big pile of projects to get to... my UFO bin is scandalous but at least I have a few of them layered and ready to quilt.  Wish me luck! 

and last but not least, here is a gratuitous photo of a cat and her girls...

Sew on...