Thursday, October 4, 2018

I Need A House!

We sold our house today.  Oh yeah, I am potentially homeless.  Well, not exactly, but worst case scenario maybe.

Once our daughter got married and moved in with her new husband in the house he owns, we were sitting in a side by side townhouse with no tenant, and no desire to have one.  Therefore, short of leaving it empty and having a bigger mortgage payment every month, the only answer was to sell and buy a smaller place.

DH was not a condo guy 11 years ago when we moved here, but he's older now, and hopefully he's changed his mind about things, like mowing the lawn every week.

Also, not being a landlord means not dealing with things like the small tenant using permanent markers on the walls instead of on paper.

Luckily the painters covered it all over with a nice off-white.

And not being a landlord means the only lightbulbs you have to change are your own.

So now we have to start looking in earnest for the new place where we'll end up.  We saw some today, in a good location but in varying degrees of  repair, some good and some not so much.

Having just watched a professional paint everything from soup to nuts, I can't understand why someone would slop paint onto the woodwork and not clean it up.  Or put blue painter's tape on a light fixture and leave it there. For. Years.

We went above and beyond to give the best appearance to our property before we listed it.  If painting, or changing dead lightbulbs, or cleaning carpeting will help bring top dollar, wouldn't you do it?

All I can say is, maybe the seller with the not so good place will accept a lower price, because for what is needed to fix up the one place, that's what it would take to make me buy it.  Although it did have three things going for it....

  • Location
  • Location
  • Location

On to some more tomorrow!

Move on...