Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New York Beauty Part II

This past weekend I finished all the arcs for my New York Beauty class.  She said confidently...

I had chosen five colors for the spires, and I made five of each color for 25 arcs.  Then I spent some time auditioning center circles and backgrounds, finally deciding on the very expert advice of all my Facebook friends to do a navy outer corner.

I vacillated between black and navy.  I liked the black fabric and in principal it should have worked.  However, when I put the pictures up on FB, the blue 'sparkled' where the black did not.

So there!

I also decided to use red for the inner circle.  I love red.  And this fabric is pretty, a pretty print in a wonderful vibrant red!  What's not to love?

I made my two pattern pieces and cut them all out.  The next step would be to choose a layout.  I needed to decide what configuration this quilt top would take, which would determine how many blocks I would ultimately need.

Never being one for making things JUST like the pattern says, I looked at everything in the whole book, and can't decide for the life of me, although  I do like a couple of the wonkier layouts.  I decided against being to symmetrical by starting in the center with a full circle, but the one I really like has the blocks in groups of three and four.  Dang! 

Back to the sewing machine to make a few more blocks of each color!

Is it any wonder that I end up with a 'parts department'??

Sew on...