Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Project

Like I really needed to start something new, what with my big box of UFOs, but that has never stopped me before!  I may have said this once or twice, but I'm a process person.  UFOs don't really bother me.  I need to get that fixed...
"I wish she would stop blaming us for those abandoned projects..".
Our church guild had a request from one of our members for some quilts for a ranch she supports in the Dakotas.   It's a place for kids with problems to go and work on their issues.  My friend Suzi did a fabulous girls quilt and I'm working on the one for a boy. 
I made a pillow case to match the girl's quilt.
We dug through the stash for something masculine.  Our problem with the church stash has always been that we have too many floral fabrics and we always need solids and geometrics from our stashes at home or we have to go shopping.
Someone gave us a bunch of panels.. you can't see it in this picture but the bottom fabric is a wolf in snow with some dried grass and branches in the foreground, and some mountains in the background. 


We thought this larger panel (36x42) would make a good beginning.  We also pulled out the navy dot and a big piece of navy with a small gold stripe that may have been a bed sheet at one time.   I rummaged around in my home resource center and found a few more things that would work, then took a little trip to the local quilt shop (oh no!!).

I sat down with my drawing paper and sketched out a plan.  My apologies to the wolf, I didn't do him justice...

my extremely rough sketch... and the headache material at the bottom  :-(

The quilt has to be a certain size, and trying to make the math come out gave me a headache, but I have a plan that's workable.  I'll wait until the components are made, and cut the inner and outer borders the sizes needed to make it work out of the piece with the stripes.

Here are my go-with fabrics from stash and store, except for the stripe.  I don't know how I missed getting a picture of that one. 

Navy, silvery grey, gray with some blue splashes, a grey/tan/blue geometric print, a great linear grey piece, and for just a bit of accent some tan that matches the branches and kind of looks like marble.

Picking up on the shape within border of the panel, I'm working on some flying geese.

I love this print!!  The LQS pulled this one from hiding among the bolts of fabric.
You really have to love those quilt shop ladies!  They always have an idea for you... and this one was just the perfect fabric to go with the panel.  The shapes are right and the colors coordinated beautifully.

Now I have to get busy!! 

Sew on...

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