Thursday, October 25, 2018


This is post number 555.   I probably would have written more posts, but since I retired from my full time day job and started working in the quilt shop eight whole hours a week I haven't had a moment to myself!

I like things in threes... three flowers in a vase look so much more pleasing than one or two.  Three skeins of yarn in a basket on my coffee table.  Three cookies - just enough, not too many!  Three coins in a fountain (sounds like a song), the trinity of onion, celery and carrot in many of my favorite dishes.  The Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).  You get it.

I used to buy fabric three yards at a time when I did more garment sewing.  If fabric is 44 inches wide you can get a blouse with any sleeve style out of three yards.   If it's 60 inches wide you can make a short sleeved top and an overblouse from three yards.  In quilting, if I love it I buy three yards and I can usually get a quilt back, or any style patchwork plus some leftovers, from three yards.

And three fives are so nice.  I'm not sure why, five is not my favorite number, but oh well.  So on to actual post 555.

I was in the quilt shop on Tuesday when the owner's brother came in.  They were having a family sewing day in the classroom.  He's the guy who designed the Escher quilt that's been all over Facebook.  I had just finished my Escher and had gotten it back from the quilter.

He said to me "you sure do knit a lot of socks!"  I've been posting my knitting on Facebook and he's a Friend.

I said "yes, I have!  They're fast and easy and I love doing them.  I knit when my husband is watching bad TV, and I don't necessarily want to pay attention but he wants me to be in the room with him."

Chris said "Bad TV??"

Ha ha… like there is no bad TV?  90% of the stuff that's on is pure dreck.  And I'm dying over all the political ads.  No one tells the truth about anything and I'm so sick of politicians trying to win not by proving that they're so good at what they do but by trying to show how bad their opponents are.  Ugh.

I record certain shows that I do like, then I play them back later and fast forward through all the commercials.  Like Jeopardy.  I love watching Jeopardy.  My daughter once called it smart people's TV.  I started watching when Art Fleming was the host and the lowest dollar prize was $10.  And that was real money back then!

Advertising has gotten out of control.  If you buy a tablet or a computer these days you have to pay extra to get one that doesn't put advertising on every screen and in every page you visit.  I have a couple of bloggers that I like to read who have ads on their blogs.  It's SOOOO annoying when you have to click off the ads before you can see a decent amount of post text.  I personally would never, ever click on those ads to buy anything even if I wanted it!

I can see if you're going to Etsy or Craftsy or eBay and you have to deal with ads, those are stores and they're in business to sell stuff.  Also, when you go there you are aware of the fact that you're going to see ads.  But jeez people, if you're just a blog, then be a blog!  Leave the ads off, please!

OK, off the soap box.

Meanwhile, the knitting.  I blogged before about the sock class I took at Cream City Yarn.  It wasn't a 'learn this pattern and knit this sock' kind of class, the teacher called it a toolbox.  She went through all the parts of knitting a sock, the various ways to do it, what each is best used for, and how to mix and match.  It was the best knitting class I've ever taken on socks.  And now I can't stop doing them!

These are done and in my sock drawer!

This one is done and the second is past the heel.

One sock done, the other to be cast on.  

These are recent acquisitions.  Some from Cream
City, some from internet sources.  Gorgeous!

This one is named Witch's Brew.  It's sock yarn, but I'm 
knitting a scarf... love the purple flecks.

And I'm doing it while watching GOOD TV.
This yarn is so gorgeous, but I made an error
when I ordered it, I didn't read the description
well enough.  I need two balls to make a pair
of socks.  It's OK.  I ordered some more.
Rock on people!