Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Summer Business

I have a love/hate relationship with summer.

I love the freedom from coats and jackets.  I love sitting on the patio with a beverage and listening to the bird and seeing the flowers.

I hate the hot, hot weather and the air conditioning.

I also love the air conditioning at night, when it would be too hot to sleep without it.  And I love ceiling fans and open windows.

We have in the condo these wonderful ceiling fans with remote controls which can turn the fan on, off, higher, lower, to help control the temperature of the room automatically.

Except I think mine are haunted or something.  I set the one in the master bedroom to 71 degrees.  And there it remained until today.  Today for some odd reason the temperature was set to 74.

I was doing laundry, folding the load from the dryer in the master bedroom.  It seemed warm in the room, and sure enough, it said it was 77.  I noticed the 'set' temp was 74.  Now it seems like even at 74 set, the actual should not be 77!  The fan was on low.  I think it has to reach 2 or 3 degrees above set to go higher, but no way am I happy at 77, especially not when folding a load still warm from the dryer.

I turned it down to 71 again.  Hubby says he did not change it.  I don't know why he would.  Maybe it has some sort of internal brain that only holds a set temp for so long and then spazzes out... who knows.

I'm happier sleeping in a room that is 71 than one that is 77.

What did we do without central air?

And then sometimes it's too cool at 71, especially when you're sitting and watching TV.  That's when I pull on a quilt or a sweater.  Hubby will say "are you cold?"

No, I just like turning blue at the toes and fingertips!

Summer.  Love it or not, it's pretty short in Wisconsin, so I guess I will just have to suck it up for now...

Sew on!