Sunday, April 7, 2019

My Warranty Is Expiring...

My warranty is expiring and all my parts are wearing out!


Not really, but it could seem that way.

I have injured myself in the past without really knowing exactly what it happened, but my recent knee problems are bordering on the ridiculous.

As a teenager I fell from a skateboard (when it wasn't even moving) and tore ligaments in one of my knees.  I don't remember which knee.  If I could find my confirmation photo, there would be a clue in it, because I received my confirmation/communion on a crutch.

As a youngster I tripped on a small string barrier supporting some hedges and fell on the sidewalk on one of my knees.  I don't remember which knee it was.  My mom might remember but she's been gone for 20 years.

So therefore when I woke up one morning with a stiff knee it was no surprise.  Long car trips or marathon sitting causes stiffness and the knees always moan and groan about trips on the stairs of more than two flights.  But after four hours on my feet at the store, the left knee was doing more than moaning.  More like screaming at the top of the lungs.

An x-ray showed arthritis and degenerative joint disease.  Meniscus damage doesn't show on an x-ray, it requires an MRI, but my insurance wouldn't pay for an MRI until I failed physical therapy.

OK, PT it is!

After one session of PT I was taking the two steps up to the house from the garage and heard a loud POP!  Pain radiated up the thigh and down the calf... so we went to Urgent Care.  Result:  this was a pretty spectacular fail of PT, and an MRI was scheduled.

Meanwhile I was hobbling around using a cane, and icing the knee pretty steadily.  and resting....

The only benefit of the whole situation was more time for knitting.  Although going up and down the stairs has been slow business.  One day DH was talking to someone and he said "she went to bed an hour before me and I passed her on the stairs".

Ha. Ha. Ha.

So now surgery is scheduled to repair the meniscus, and hopefully after a week or so I'll be walking normally.  Hopefully.

All I can say is thank goodness for skilled surgeons and medical personnel.  I feel very confident that thigs will turn out fine.  At my preop appointment my surgeon asked whether I minded if he prayed with me.  No sir, I do not mind.  In fact, I'm very pleased and happy that you are being assisted in all this by the Great Surgeon!

Thanks be to God.

Keep on keepin' on!