Monday, April 10, 2017

The Miracle of Modern Electronics

Remember when you had a phone, and you had a camera, and they weren't the same thing?

OMG I have become my GRANDMOTHER!!

We had some issues over the weekend with the granddaughter's phone, and DH and she went to the phone store.  A year or so ago I wrote a post about my DH and his analog phone, and how he was forced to get a new phone, and he bought a FLIP PHONE!

So, Miss E has an iPhone, and she always wants the latest and greatest, as all teenagers do.  She was having some problems that could not be solved by anyone in our house, and DH decided he'd take her up to the phone store and ask the experts.

About an hour later, they came back.  She was all smiles!  I said "They fixed it?"  She said "Yes, and Grampa got an iPhone!!!"

Almost immediately DD came over to gloat and give her dad a hard time or maybe see for herself!  Miss E had texted her on the way home.  Really, it was an event worth marking!

So they took some selfies and had a fun time.

Meanwhile I am still trying to figure out how to get the camera in my phone to take a lower size of photo.  My son helped me clear up some annoying issues with my phone on Saturday, but even he said he couldn't find a place to change the photo size.

He did make it possible to get a few more pics off the camera -- here's what's been on the needles and hooks recently:

Knitted Beret, my desk lamp is making
a cooperative model, isn't she?

Crocheted cap with a shell pattern, and
a bow made of leftover taupe yarn.
Doing handcrafts makes my brain quiet after the craziness of phones and cameras and computers.  I feel calm with needles or a crochet hook and a ball or two (or twenty) of soft yarn.  Except when the pattern gets a little complicated, the act of making is usually an enjoyable experience.

I hope it's that way for you too!

Rock on with your making...