Wednesday, June 20, 2018

More Escher Progress

Finding out about MC Escher's graphic art waas very interesting, but it seems like he's been everywhere these days.  There was a segment about his art on CBS Sunday Morning this week!

They focused on the impossibilty of his drawings, specifically ones that had 'problems', like the staircase.

I prefer some of the other things he did, like Sea and Sky.

My own Escher production is coming along.  I now have 14 of the 16 blocks done, with two calling to me from the sewing room.

They've been fun to do, now that I know the technique.  And each one, when I take it out of the baggie, is a mystery but once it's sewn it reveals itself to be gorgeous!

I'm not sure which is my favorite -- maybe like children I love them all.

This pattern is so fascinating, it looks very complicated, and maybe a touch difficult, but it's really basic sewing.  It's a variation of log cabin techniques, and there are no Y seams, which most sewers do not enjoy.  If you can do a partial seam you can do this block.

Working at the quilt shop I cut LOTS of these kits.  I bought one at random, so I'm not sure it is one I cut or not, but I love, love, LOVE these Kaffe Fassett prints! 

The hardest part of this print was organizing the piece.  The designer was the class teacher, and suggested separating the pieces into baggies to make sewing easier to manage.  That worked great!  I also wrote on the outside of each bag which light/medium/dark pieces I was putting in there, and whether it was a right-facing or left-facing triangle.

I can't wait to finish the last two so I can start sewing the columns.  I'm already thinking that I want to do a table runner or a pillow case with the extra blocks I'll have.  Oh yes, I WILL have extra blocks, because I made 12 of each, and if you read the actual instructions before you begin, you will see that for some you only need 11.  Also I was only supposed to cut three of the four strips of each color into wedges, but I cut all four, so I may be sewing Escher blocks til the cows come home!

Sew on...

Monday, June 18, 2018

TWO Weeks to Go!

I have two weeks to work before I retire from my 'day job'.  I can hardly believe it myself.  It seemed for along time that I might have to literally work forever.  One day, I opened up my statement from my 401K account from work and realized that I'd saved more than I expected and the company match was making the account look pretty good.

Not that i saved a fortune!  A little bit taken off my check on a weekly basis made it seem not too painful for today, and added up over time for the future.

If you have a 401K match at your company I am telling you right now, you are foolish in a major fashion if you don't take advantage of it!  It's 'free money' and you will thank yourself later.

So I have two weeks left to work... and what I'm calling work is not really work!  I have a successor and she's pretty well trained by now.  We have one or two things to complete, and really I am just there in case she has a question about something.

We did our final conference last week.  We ran a client meeting and an internal meeting together, and the fun part of it was that when the events were over, SHE took home the paperwork and my briefcase was pretty empty!

The company sponsored a client appreciation event at the Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum.  I don't know what I was expecting, something kind of cheesy i guess, because that's what someone told me was their reaction to the one they saw in New York.

The entrance, next to the Venetian Hotel.
This is in the 'musician's lounge'... not the best likeness.
Brad Pitt was a guest, see his name badge??  LOL!
Liberace, in all his glory.  He's a Milwaukee home boy.
Sports were big at the Wax Museum!  NASCAR
was well represented.

Random guest with headgear from Senior Frog's.
Traveling for business is always less fun than it sounds like it will be.  On the way there, the baggage carousel decided not to work and I had to wait for my luggage to show up.  On the way back I was in the  airport at 7 a.m. and shortly thereafter the power went out!  Our flight was delayed by about an hour.  The temperature in Vegas was supposed to get up to 107F, I just wanted to get home and take a nap!

I've been sewing on my Escher blocks, I'll update the blog with that progress tomorrow.

Nine and a half working days left...

Sew on!