Monday, November 10, 2014

I Was Trying...

Honest, I was!  I was knitting one more of those little doll sweaters with the hood. 

I was writing down the instructions faithfully.  The yarn seemed a little bit chunkier than normal.  It was a lovely shade of red.

When I finished that one, I thought to myself, better test one on regular worsted weight, in case the gauge is different.  So Friday night, I sat down with my basket and found a ball of brown.  I knew I had a whole skein of that brown somewhere.

The problem was, well, you know what I said in October, I needed to clean up so I could find stuff.

I got down to mid-chest level on the sweater and had about six inches of yarn left.  NOT ENOUGH!!  But that 4 ounce skein was at least three balls of yarn.  So what have I done with the rest of it...

Saturday morning bright and early I started sorting and organizing.  Tiny balls of yarn went into a plastic fish bowl.  I put away all the needles I've dragged out all summer.  I found small quantities that will make doll slippers, balls of various shades of blue, and the Christmas stocking I have to finish before Thanksgiving.

No brown.  Dang.

Saturday afternoon I went into the craft room and started cleaning up and putting things away.  It felt like a bomb went off down there.

I lugged.  I tossed.  I filled bins.  Miss A came and 'helped' me.  We made Miss E a birthday card.  We had a snack.

No brown yarn.  I admit defeat.

Sunday after church, I searched closets upstairs.  No luck.  I give up!  I'm not tearing down that sweater.  I'm just. not. going. to. do. that.  No way.

OK, off to Michaels to buy ONE more skein of Impeccable by Loops & Threads in brown.

This yarn.  I love it... it's so nice to knit up!

In this color brown, but solid, without the flecks.

Stash alert!! It's on sale this week for $2.29 a skein.  I also had a coupon for 25% off my entire purchase.

I spent $32.

Expensive doll sweater??  LOL!

Knit on...