Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lost, and Found

Since returning from Philadelphia on June 13 life has been just a bowl of


First thing was the jet lag... I must be getting a bit too old for the rush-rush of trips like this, because I was absolutely DEAD when I got back.  I didn't sleep well at the hotel.  Not that it wasn't nice, but I was worried about sleeping too soundly through the six alarms I set and not making the early meeting setup or getting back to the airport on time.

Silly me...

They didn't really need much from me at the meeting, that's how well the setup had been arranged before we got there.  All I had to do was connect my computer and make sure the coffee was delivered on time.

Then Tuesday I arrived at the airport with a full two hours to spare.  That wasn't bad, I did have a book so I had a croissant roll with wonderful Philly Cream Cheese filling and sat for a while before going through security, which turned out to be quick and painless.

Elena, the lady who was there actually running the meeting got home and ended up in the hospital on Friday and had emergency surgery.  She'll be out for a couple of weeks but thank GOD she was home and not in Philly when the emergency came up!

She is recovering at home and doing OK so far, expecting to come back in a couple of weeks.

This week I started reduced hours for the summer.  I have my eyes on a retirement date, and I'm trying to ease myself into things.  Working from home 30 hours a week might create enough separation from DH to help us both adjust.  Every day this week he has asked me "so you're not going downtown today??" when I shuffle into the kitchen in my fuzzy slippers and no makeup!

Not that I wear a lot of makeup, but applying it generally comes with combing the hair, and you can truly tell if I haven't done that!

I presented our church budget at a recent congregational meeting.  That was a little nerve-wracking but turned out fine.  I only had three slides, the questions were gently presented, and the budget was approved.  Whew!

Now I am trying to catch up on home stuff, fun things like cleaning closets and washing windows, scrubbing the bathroom floors and the shower stall, stuff that you hate to do but you love it when it's done.

The grands are having a summer.  Miss A went to spend a day with a friend on Monday and ended up with a two night sleep over at the friend's house.  Bless that mom!!  Miss E has been going to summer school in the morning and entertaining me with teenage drama in the afternoons. 
Hair in a bun so it fits in a bike helmet,
since Miss A loves to ride.

I did do some sewing of sorts -- hemmed some shorts, made a tee-shirt fit the teen to her satisfaction, mended a few items and finally bound a table braid that I started about a billion years ago.

Ahhhh, summer!

Sew on...