Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

Brrrr... the temperature today is above zero, but only just.  Well, OK it's 10.  But the wind chill is minus 2.  Our safety manager sent out a notice on how quickly you can get frostbite in this kind of weather, and it's five or ten minutes!  That's not enough time to get to the bus stop!

It was hard coming back to work after a week and a half off.  I had to put on real shoes.  And my cubicle is still chilly, even more so when the temperature outside is so low.  Yesterday it took about six minutes for the gauge in my car to register more than C and I was a quarter of the way home before the heater was throwing warmth.

Winter has arrived.  With a vengeance it seems.

So over the holidays I spent some time sewing and knitting.  And then cleaning up my messy room before I could sew again.  (What's new?  HA HA!)  I got all my Christmas gifts done, and I think everyone was pleased.  Christmas Eve was nice.  Church was early since it's always the live Nativity play.  We had a very well behaved donkey this year.  No poops in the gym!  My son said he was disappointed since it wasn't as stinky as last year... 

I received a gift card for Patched Works in Elm Grove.  What an awesome quilt shop!  If you haven't been there, why not?  You should go.  They have what you need!  Here's a link to Julie's blog... Patched Works Blog to find out what's going on there, or here's the store link:  http://www.patchedworks.com/

The day we went, the grands and I took no time at all to spend what was on the card PLUS a few bucks more.  But we got some treasures.  Miss E found some spider web fabric that was on sale, and Miss A found some Angry Birds Halloween that was also 30% off.  PJ bottoms are being planned.

Our pile must have looked strange because the cutting table lady said "What are you making?" like they usually do but her tone indicated that she just didn't understand it AT ALL!  I had two veggies prints, the Halloween prints, a flag print and one with portraits of the presidents, plus three white-on-whites and one very loud orange.  Oh, and two Christmas prints.

"Oh we're just filling gaps in the stash..." I said.  "You know, trying to finish up some projects.  That's my New Year's Resolution." 

I didn't say what year!

Miss A was fascinated by how the lady was whipping the bolt around and measuring.  She asked how she learned to do that...  "Lots of practice!" was the answer.  Isn't that always the way?

After lunch at the sub shop we adjourned to the craft room to look at the treasures and plan some projects.  We had stopped at Michael's on the way over.  Miss E is working on a canvas with melted crayons; I can't wait to see how that turns out!

I have lots of things to start, and to finish!  And I have to remember to take pictures...

Sew on!