Monday, September 7, 2015

Sewing Assistants, or the Mini Sweat Shop

My next door granddaughters both show an interest in sewing.  Of course you know the story of the Princess and the Babylock... Miss E has really done some nice work on it so far.

Last year her little sister, who has just turned 8, decided she wants to sew too.

I believe in teaching kids things if they show an interest, but I was a tiny bit nervous about an 8 year old using a sewing machine... needles and scissors and pins can injure you before you can say ouch.  Ask me how I know this.  And sharp implements and power tools require respect.  So I told her she had to wait until her feet touched the floor while she sits in a chair, so she could reach the foot control.

Dang, that girl grew in a hurry!

This year, she reminded me of my promise, so one day we got out some small squares and went through all the steps of stitching on my Viking machine.

My sewing machine can be operated with the buttons on the front, so you can put the presser foot up and down with your finger.  She sewed some 2 inch squares together, and then some 2.5 by 5 inch rectangles, just for practice.  She presses pretty well, since I picked up the silicon finger protectors.

Yesterday Miss A came over to put the final border on her small quilt.  Of course Miss E came with her, and that set up the competition.  "I want to iron", "not yet, I need to iron", "Then I want to sew", "not right now, I'm sewing!"

OK, how about if Gramma sets up another sewing station?  I have a small travel machine, so we cleared off the project desk where Miss A normally sits to do her "on line school", and made it into a third sewing station.

I fear for the electric bill!

This is where Miss A will sit and sew squares together.  The ironing station is off to the left.  There is a nice padded chair.

This is where Miss E will sit and sew.  The ironing board is behind her.  She has a padded hassock for a seat.

I'm directly opposite her, the farthest from the ironing board, but that's OK, maybe I'll get some exercise!  The only problem now is, there's not a huge amount of walking around room.

But it's fine, since they seem to be enjoying themselves, and I'm getting some of my UFO's cleared up while they make use of the stash for their projects!

If you have the opportunity to teach a young person how to sew, you should take it.  If they're interested, they'll have excitement and passion.  It will renew your own enthusiasm, and it's fun.  There are literally hundreds of easy projects on the internet and in magazines for them to try.  So far we've done pillow cases, a tote bag and a small quilt.

And Miss A is making a serious dent in my box of 'left-overs'.

Eventually I might get some real work product out of them!!

Sew on...