Friday, November 10, 2017

Finally Friday!

Today I am in the actual 'office' office.  The trip down here was surreal, I didn't recognize the new stadium when I drove past, because a LOT has changed since my last trip downtown.  It's starting to resemble a building, with windows and brick on the outside and everything.
Milwaukee Bucks new stadium last month
Maybe the next time I have to come down here fewer streets will be blocked around it.

While I was listening to my morning conference call the fire alarm in the building went off.  It's loud, excruciatingly so.  People were grabbing their coats to leave, and I was terminating my connection to the call, when it just went silent.  The business directly above us is having some renovation done, and every time someone is doing construction in this building, the fire alarms are set off.   Ugh!!  My ears are still ringing.  Possibly because it happened a second time about an hour later.

HEY!! Are you listening??
I scheduled my Paid Time Off for the holidays.  Usually I take the Wednesday before US Thanksgiving to start my cooking, then I take more time between Christmas Eve and New Years Day.  This year, with Christmas Eve on Sunday, Monday is a holiday anyway so I only have to burn four days of PTO to get the whole week. 

I recently celebrated 20 years with the company, and for a thank you gift, I was able to choose to get one of those big turkey roaster pans with rack and lifting forks.  In the past I have used a disposable pan, and made lifter strips with tin foil. 
This is my 20 year award! 

This will be the ultimate reward!

I also picked up a 20 quart Nesco roaster at a rummage (used twice, I was told!) and it's big enough for a turkey, so now the only thing to decide is which to use!
Nesco brand 20 quart cooker.
I do not work for Nesco, but I do
like their roasters!
Feast or famine, feast or famine...  I enjoy using the 6 quart Nesco for chicken, I'm hoping I'll enjoy the larger one just as much.

Tonight and tomorrow are performances by the Drama Queen, so I'm thinking this might be an exciting weekend for me.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Rock on...

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday Musings

Last week I stopped in at my two favorite fabric shops and did a bit of October stash enhancement.

First I made sure to pick up my free yard where I won that fabulous drawing last April...  I picked up a really wild botanical from the Kaffe Fasset line.  It's the reddest maple leaves imaginable, at least it says maple in the selvedge!  It doesn't look like my trees any longer, since it's now cold and the wind has bee blowing like mad.

Besides, when was there ever a zebra on the loose in Wisconsin?

Also acquired were this really wonderful botanical print, thanks to the lady before me who was buying some and had it laid out in front of me...

And some kid prints for some fun.  I love the owls, and this purple was right next to it, so I grabbed some of both.

Then because I couldn't control myself  had some extra time, I went over to my other favorite place and picked up a few more things, including the blue print up there with the owls, and this fun piece of pumpkin print.  I'm planning to make a table runner out of some of this orange and brown. 


Now to get down to the sewing room and get busy!!

What are you working on this week?

Sew on...

Monday, November 6, 2017

Drama Queen 2017

Miss E has always been kind of a drama queen, at least that's what I've been telling her for the majority of her almost 16 years.  You know what teenagers are like... it's ALWAYS THE END OF THE WORLD!! 


I told her the other day, believe it or not, I too was a teenager once!  I know it was EONS ago, but I still remember thinking 'it's the end of my life' and yes, I did live!!  You will too.

She's actually found an outlet for the drama in this her second year of high school.  Yes, that's it!  The play's the thing, isn't it?? 

This weekend she's appearing as some sort of New Jersey gangster in the Jonathan Rand play called Murder in the Knife Room.  Yeah, I never heard of him either, but evidently he's popular with the HS Drama set, I suspect because his plays are available and don't require a lot of fancy costumes.

According to his Amazon page, the play is a sort of  mystery thriller, the host of some sort of weekend or evening event is murdered, there are a ton of suspects and a ton of murder weapons (aka The Knife Room) and your job is to guess who done it.

It sort of reminds me of

Or perhaps

although with Clue

Looking forward to a little drama this weekend!!

Rock on...