Thursday, February 4, 2016

Oh Scraps! And Other Messes...

For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to get back into my sewing room and get some things done and organized and cleaned up.

Key word:  Trying.

Danged if every time I go down there I don't go into some rabbit hole or other.  Like playing with my paper stash, or pulling out all my magazines from a box and spending all afternoon doing that instead.

I need some motivation.

And I need some pictures to post to make this blog interesting. 

In January, my buddy Suzi and I managed a mini-shop hop.  We went to one local quilt shop and signed up for a class.  OF COURSE we bought some stuff.  Why would we not.  Just for fun we compared totals and ended up spending nearly an identical amount not only at each shop but to each other's totals.  Crazy!  The second shop's totals were within pennies of each other!

I picked up a couple of patterns

And an assortment of fat quarters

Then last Saturday Miss A and I were doing some errands, picking up library books, stopping at Michael's for some art supplies, and then we ended up at our local quilt shop.  Again.

Actually this time I was picking up a pattern I ordered, so there WAS a purpose to the trip.

This was their display, I bought JUST the pattern.  I have a scrap stash to work through...

 So I'd better get busy and use up some of that stash I have because it's threatening to take over the house again.

Oh, and we stopped for lunch and a treat.

Sherbet in January, just the thing, right?
Sew on!