Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winter Vacation

With the girls off of school for the week, DH needed a bit of a break so I anticipated that I'd be spending my week "off" being in charge of pretty much everything kid-related.

I was only partially correct.

Miss A decided we needed a schedule.  So on a daily basis she has made a list of all of the things we were going to do that day.  There is no room for deviation from the schedule!

On Monday 'we' planned everything from what to eat for lunch to what to do in the sewing room to what games we were going to play and in what order.  The only thing more rigid than her schedule is the schedule that Miss Kitty is on!  That includes a lot of loud meowing when you're not watching the clock!

We went to see Rudolph the Musical last night at the Todd Wehr Theater downtown.  That was very enjoyable and even the big sister thought so.  If you've seen Rudolph the Claymation Program on TV, you know the story and the characters.  With live actors it's very enjoyable.  The character of the "bumble" (abominable snowman) is part actor in costume and part puppet on long poles, so he can be of a size to work with the characters in person. 

You can just make out the person in a white costume holding up the bumble's left arm in the photo above.  There were a lot of those actors moving stage pieces around, and generally trying to be invisible.


The whole play takes about an hour and a half with intermission.  The theater only seats 500 so it is nice and intimate, you're close no matter where you sit.  We were far enough away to maintain the magic but close enough for a good look.

The only thing 'we' forgot to get on the schedule was Miss E's orthodontist appointment -- I looked at the calendar, saw the time and said yikes!!  We need to rearrange the day to get that squeezed in.  Which bent Miss A's timetable somewhat, but we survived.

Hermey wants to be a dentist, not an elf.
From Wikipedia:  Frederick "Todd" Wehr (April 14, 1889 -September 28, 1965) was an industrialist and philanthropist. He was co-founder of the Wehr Steel Company and founder of the Todd Wehr Foundation, Inc.  Wehr left the bulk of his estate to a trust set up for charitable religious, scientific and educational purposes. Many Wisconsin universities and cultural organizations have benefited from the Todd Wehr Foundation, including Marquette University.  Marquette has named its entire science complex after Wehr as well as a theater.
After the play ended we walked around downtown, looked at Christmas lights, and went to dinner at the Chinese restaurant I go to for lunch sometimes.

All in all, a good day.

Now for today's list...

Sew on!