Friday, December 1, 2017

Oh My Aching Back!!

I've been in some degree of agony with my back and shoulder for several days.  I know, stupid, right?  Yesterday I finally got smart and went to the doctor.  He sent me over for physical therapy since I appear to have strained muscles in my back during Thanksgiving weekend.

It hurt when I did twisty motions like fastening the seatbelt in the car or getting out of bed.  I thought it was the re-injury of a herniated disk from a dozen years ago, but both the doctor and the therapist think it's not. 

So the other night when I was in the sewing room, when I dropped things, they just had to stay there until I could get up and bend over very carefully. 

I told DH that it was all that manual dishwashing I was doing.  From now on, I'll need cleanup staff if they want me to do all that baking!

So today I'm feeling better, although getting out of bed was still a bit of a challenge today.  I have some exercises to do and more therapy for the next couple of weeks.

I really wanted to get some sewing done, but I have to avoid sitting in one place for too long.  Did you know a good limit to put on sitting is 20 minutes?  That doesn't seem like a very long time.  Unless you're back hurts while you're sitting...

I have made some progress on the pile of quilts to quilt.  Two more are now layered and pinned.  Miss A's quilt top and back, both pieced, are now ready to layer and pin.  Now just to get them quilted -- not a good time to be told NOT to sit for longer than 20 minutes I guess!  Ah well...

Sew on...