Thursday, August 1, 2019

Photo Challenges -- Mine, Not Yours!

This blog was originally a place to show off pictures I've taken of various things like all my marvelous and not-so-marvelous projects, works in process, etc.

Still having trouble getting my photos from my phone and tablet onto my computer.  I'm not sure what the difficulty is exactly, but it's getting more frustrating as the days go by.

I swear, I used to just connect the tablet to the computer and a file folder would open and there all the photos were, ready for transfer to the computer.  Now, I plug the devices together and the computer says "I detect a charge-only device attached to me".  Ugh!!  Same cord I think.  Newer computer, but same make and model as the old one... I have no idea what's up with that.  Or them, as the case may be.

Time to go to work, or at least comb my hair and put on clothes so I may do same.

Maybe I'll have some time to sew this weekend, and find a solution to my posting issue.

Sew on...