Friday, March 6, 2015

A Word of Advice for Monday...

It turns out that according to many experts and all sorts of insurance people, one of the most dangerous times of the year for people in cars is the MONDAY after DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME begins.

Studying accidents over the last ten years, the Fatal Accident Reporting System shows a 17% spike in accidents on that day.  Most of the accidents involved trucks and happened in the early morning hours.

Turns out that our body clocks don't like being deprived of an hour's rest.  We don't make it up by going to be an hour earlier.  Even if we do, it takes a week before our bodies catch up.  We end up going to work feeling sleep deprived, we make errors in judgment, and those of us who don't drive well under normal circumstances (you know who you are) are even -- well, you know, dumber than usual.

So this coming Monday, if you have to go out in the morning, use

  • Watch out for trucks
  • Drive carefully and defensively
  • Go in late on purpose -- or better yet, take a 'mental health day'

Drive on...

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