Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Presents -- November Style

I love getting packages in the mail or from UPS.  Yes, "Brown" can be my favorite color!  One day last week the UPS man was parked in front of my house when I got home, and I met him in the driveway.  He handed me a package from somewhere and said "I hope it's something nice".  It was!  I had ordered a stamp and punch set from Stampin' Up.

They had this cute stamp set in their holiday catalog, and a punch that makes the Gingerbread Man shape and the little bits and pieces.  Miss A has already made all of her Christmas Cards using this set.  I borrowed this picture from their web site.

I'm still in the planning stages of my holiday cards... heh heh... usually I grab a box from the drug store as I'm dashing around in December.  I'm not sure I even sent any last year!

UPS stopped again yesterday.  I was not home, but here's what came to live at my house anyway:

It's a package full of loveliness from Connecting Threads clearance section.  The first six fabrics are one yard cuts of prints I decided I could not live without.  Then there are three two-yard cuts of ladybug fabrics, with yellow, blue and green backgrounds (the green is kind of hiding), and the final cut is a 108" print that will make a couple of fun backings.  I could not resist because the prices were so low!  There is nothing here that was more than $7 a yard, and some was considerably less.

DH had gone to Menard's and picked up some air fresheners for me.  I sew in the basement, and even with the dehumidifier running, sometimes it smells kind of -- 'basement-y'.  There's no other word for it!  So these just freshen up the scent, and I like the 'clean linen' variety.  One jar will last about a month, so I'm set for a while.  I think he was trying to avoid another shopping trip soon because that's only half my new supply.

This is not a present but rather a gratuitous collage of some of the quilts our church group has made.  A few internet-savvy folks are updating the web site, and asked the quilters if we had a photo to put with our contact information and mission statement.  I have this app on my phone that makes collages.  Neat, huh?

And that's what's going on where I live!  Hope your day was fun.

Sew on...

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