Thursday, November 3, 2016

My Mom and the Cubs

My mother was a big baseball fan.  She loved everything from Tee Ball and Little League to pickup games in the park to games played by the over-seventy crowd.

She played a little at family picnics or with my brothers in the back yard once in a while.  In her 50's she took up golf and her coach told her she had a 'softball swing'. 

Well, yeah!

And she loved the Cubs. She called them her Cubbies.

Before retiring to Arkansas in the mid 1990's, she lived in the Peoria area, so rooting for the Cubs was kind of natural.  I live in Wisconsin and back then the Milwaukee Brewers were in the American League, and the Cubs were in the National League, so they never played each other.

In fact, at that time the Brewers played the Chicago White Sox.  Lots of Sox fans made the 90 mile trip to Milwaukee, and those games could and often did get rowdy!  So it was kind of a relief to have her be a Cubs fan instead.  Cubs fans were nicer, they had to be since my mom was one of them!

So maybe because they were perennial underdogs, maybe for some other reason, my mom was a Cubs fan.  Sadly, she went to the Great Stadium in the Sky in 1998, so she missed the Brewers moving over to the National League, and all the Brewers-Cubs games that have happened since then.  And we never went to a game together.  I went to Brewer games with my daughter instead.

But I am so sure that Mom was watching last night... as I was sitting on my sofa watching that 10th inning I could almost feel her sitting there next to me.

Here's a link you might enjoy -- especially the headline:  Go Cubbies!

It ain't over til it's over...

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