Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Latest Project

When I don't have a book to read or a meeting over lunch, I love to browse the web for quilt blogs and see what others are doing in social media.

Beware -- a tangent is just ahead!  Social media to me seems like a very unsocial place lately.  Mean tweets, cyber-bullying, sexting that goes viral -- anything going viral!!  Can you think of anything less meaningful?  How about meeting up with some friends and chatting Face To Face??  How much more social is that?  LOL!  (She says as she blogs.)

So I've been seeing this sidebar icon recently that says "I took the process pledge".  I wanted to know more.  I always want to know more, but this pledge looked like it was going to deliver.

Clicking around, I found the original posting.  Dated May of 2010, the idea came from a quilter in Michigan.  She wanted people to post the process of whatever they were doing, not just a photo and comments on a finish.  I thought, what a lovely idea!  Like someone willing to help you do what you do. 

People are still linking up and taking the pledge.  There are as of today 980 bloggers who signed up to take the pledge and linked up.  However, and you knew there had to be a however, didn't you?

I clicked on several of the links in the 900-980 range, which would appear to be the most recent, and what do you think I found there?  Almost to a fault, the ones I viewed had photos of finished items and very little illustrated process.  Disappointment reigns.

IMHO when you take a pledge it's a promise, like a Scouting oath or the Pledge of Allegiance.  I hope that I haven't promised something and then didn't make every effort to deliver. 

Mom always said "don't make promised you can't keep" and "never break a promise to a child".  For the record, I didn't take the pledge but I'm trying to keep it!

This is my current project... my aunt bought a pattern at the WPS quilt expo to make a table topper.  It's super cute.  I'm sure you can pick it up at any quilt shop or google it and order it online.

When she opened it up, she got a little intimidated by the cutting directions.  The pieces are small -- one and a quarter inches wide.  She has trouble with rotary cutting anyway due to having had glaucoma so she asked if I would read the pattern and cut her a kit. 

The piecing directions don't look all that difficult if you have the pieces organized. I made myself a chart and started in.

The pattern recommends that you mark the pieces and separate them into baggies.  This turns out to be a very helpful idea.

 Because some of these pieces are really small...

So far it's been fun.  I really love this part of the quilting process, planning the fabrics, cutting the pieces, even reading the directions! 
I'll let you know how the sewing goes when we get there...
Sew on!

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