Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Good Gramma, Bad Gramma

Yesterday we were hosting Miss A overnight.  Miss E was at the beauty salon having her eyebrows waxed because Homecoming is this week and she's a whoop de doo freshman this year.

This girl will seriously know some poor fellow or fellows for a loop when she shows up for the dance on Saturday night in the dress she bought...

Tell me that's not a heart-breaker in the making...
The dress is a knee length sheath covered in lace, with a sheer overskirt that is split in the front and gets long in the back.  With her shoes on, it's a perfect fit and just the right length.  But the dance is in the high school gym, and they aren't allowed to wear street shoes on the gym floor.

Can Gram shorten the skirt so it doesn't drag when she's barefooted?  Yes, I certainly can do that.  So last night at 8 p.m., when the VP debates started, I took myself down to the lower level sewing studio to work on it.  Good Gramma. 

Miss A was upstairs watching something suitable for children on the TV in the den.  Her normal bedtime is 9 p.m.  DH was on the main level watching something unsuitable for children or wives, definitely not politics.  He likes scary movies and we do not. 

Miss E had gone back to her house and was probably doing homework and watching the dog.

It was very quiet in my house.  The dress was holding all my attention.  At around nine thirty p.m. DH yelled down the stairs that he was going up to bed, and I should turn the lights off when I came up.

Suddenly I remembered that Miss A needed to be in bed a half hour before!!  As I ran up the stairs I could see that all the lights were on!  I said to myself: Bad Gramma!!  She's been up an extra half hour and she's going to be cranky in the morning.

DH was in the guest room, tossing a quilt over a prone figure laying on the bed, and turning on the night light.  We looked at each other and started laughing.

Miss A was sound asleep, in the clothes she was wearing when she came over.  Evidently she either put herself to bed without changing into PJs or fell asleep reading on her NOOK with the overhead light on.

We turned off the room light and went back to our respective tasks.

Good thing she's a self-directed work team!

Sew on...

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