Monday, October 3, 2016

Fun Stuff!

Sadly, I've been unable to find the bobbin hatch cover to my Viking... boo hoo!  I'm calling Frank's this week to see if they have one or can order it...

My naked bobbon...  :-(

Good think I have other options for sewing, because look what came to my house last Thursday!  A box full of quilty potential from Mary Mulari at Mary's Productions in Aurora, MN!

And check out the cool box it came in!!   Pacific Northwest Fish decorations were all around the sides of the mailing carton.  I'm saving this baby!  It's too cute to recycle.

I got 35 fat quarters, the whole Mary line from last year and this year, both Chatterbox and Church Lady, along with a lovely kit for a Church Lady's Apron.  Here's a link to the pattern, and Mary's lovely artwork:

Can't wait to get it sewn up and show it at my next guild meeting.  (P.S. I didn't get any financial consideration for linking up but I do love what Mary does and have no trouble recommending it!)

Sew on...

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