Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Cleaning

One of the great things about living in Wisconsin is the fall colors.  I read somewhere that in Europe all the leaves turn yellow in the fall, but in the US the leaves turn yellow, orange and red.

I drive through an area with a couple of red maples along the road quite regularly.  If I am lucky enough to get out of the office while it's still light, the sun sets those trees on fire.  It's gorgeous.

This week is probably the peak of fall color in Southeast Wisconsin, according to the authority on such things.  This map is from the website
Fall seems to spark a feeling of renewed energy for me.  I'm happy to put away the summer clothes and start hauling out the sweater.  (Although with the temperature in my office being so low, this year I've been wearing cardigans all year!)
Picking apples, one of the best ways I know to spend a fall day... or stopping at a local farm stand to buy some.

It's cranberry time in Wisconsin too.  Love the colors!

Last Saturday our church quilt group met as regularly scheduled.  We had such a nice trunk show in September that we didn't get any actual WORK done, so there was a lot to do.
Our bucket of finished quilts contains a dozen small lap quilts.  Our bucket of tops to work on had at least 18, maybe 19.  We were lucky enough to receive a donation of large pieces last month, which we had organized, folded and stored.  Plus people are always leaving surprises for us, such as blankest and sheets.  Sometimes we use these for charity purposes, but sometimes we just can't use them for much. 
A few sheets were designated for foundation piecing.  We save odd strips, and our bag is pretty full at present, so we need to get working on those.
Between the three of us present on Saturday, we managed to find backing for all our flimsies.  We also layered and pinned seven quilts, which all went home with our expert, Suzi. 
We cleaned up our area, reordered our shelves, and went home satisfied that we'd done a good job.
Except for the one flimsy we could not locate anywhere -- we all remember seeing it, but not one of us could remember what we did with it!  We called it our mutual senior moment.
Oh dear, I think we're going to have to clean up our OWN sewing areas... not the most fun way to spend a day but highly necessary.

It's a good thing we have the fall energy going, right??
Sew on...

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