Thursday, October 15, 2015

Almost the Weekend

I think our Fiscal Year-End close is nearly done... at least I hope so.  Two weeks into the new year is a long time to wait for reports.  Bad mistakes could have been made, and the problem is that even if you correct the error, the line and its correction will remain on the reports until the NEXT fiscal year.  That means that John Smith will have a line with zero hours on it, in my department XYZ report, for 50 more weeks, or every week I will have to delete two rows of data.

Bad news, eh? 

I know... I hate that.

A couple of weeks ago DH and I skipped over celebrating our 44th anniversary.  It was on a Friday and I went to Sewing Night at the aunties.  He said "we'll go out for dinner during the week, when the restaurants aren't so busy". 

Yeah, right.

These days his idea of eating out is breakfast at Mickie D's. 

One evening we were going to actually go to a restaurant and we couldn't decide where to go.  So we made dinner at home and ate in front of the TV.

How romantic.

Well after 44 years, that's about what happens.

Anyway, here are a few anniversary thoughts, and those of you who know Mr. Crabby Pants, no judgments, OK?  LOL!

And especially for my brother David, in case he happens to read this post:

Party on!

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