Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Princess and the Goodwill Shopping Trips

The Grandmother's oldest Princess loves to shop.  She will go to any store, any time, for any thing.

To Walgreens for rubbing alcohol for dad.  To Menard's with the Grandfather for bug spray or furnace filters.  But her favorite shopping trips are with the Grandmother to the Amazing Goodwill store.

The Princess was looking for items for a Halloween costume.  She loves October, and looks forward to all the scary happenings that come her way.  Since she's gotten older, her costumes have become more elaborate.  This year, because she's in Middle School, it's a group costume and she is responsible for her assigned part.

The Princess bought a pair of pants that might work, but they turned out to be too small.  She asked the Grandmother to make them larger, but sadly it wasn't possible.  This brightened her day because it followed that they would need to be replaced by, yes, a shopping trip to her favorite place.

After a quick dinner, the Grandmother and the Princess drove over to the nearest Amazing Goodwill.  The Princess headed off with instructions as to how to check for size, and the Grandmother began to browse.

You can always find SOMETHING at the amazing Goodwill. Within moments, the Princess was back with the perfect pair of khaki pants that fit perfectly (of course!)

The Princess asked if they were done.  From her face, the Grandmother knew the answer should be "No".  The Princess continued shopping, in search of flannel shirts.  Before long she had one.  The Grandmother found another. 

"We should really pick up at least one thing for the smaller Princess", said the Grandmother.  They quickly found a red velvet dress with sparkly accents.

Very soon the shopping trip was over and it was time to return to reality, homework, and bedtime.  The Grandmother didn't realize until they were on the road that she had not had a chance to visit her favorite section of the Amazing Goodwill:

 Shop on...

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