Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First Day of School

So the Grands all had their first day of school today... DH was going to go out for coffee with the neighbor guys and DD was home from work to see the kids off.

I left before the crying started.  Well, only one person was crying, and maybe the dog.

DD said to DH, "Dad, stay away from McDonald's today.  They're having Coffee and Kleenex day for all the parents and grandparents who are sad that school is starting."

I said to DD, "And where is the party for the parents and grandparents who are doing the happy dance in the driveway when the bus departs??"

DD:  "Right here in MY driveway!"

Here's the crew.

Second grade.  Happy.

Fourth grade.  Happy.

Third grade.  Thrilled!

Eighth grade.  Not so much...
Party on!

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