Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Buzzing, Stinging Things

The insect saga thus far:

There was a boat on the patio.  It had been there for so long that a nest of insects of some sort made a home there.  They really didn't seem to bother too many people, although if you were sitting on said patio with a beverage, they could buzz you to see whether they'd like a sip or two.  Sometimes children screamed about them, but they were mainly harmless.

Until August.

The boat was removed.  The insects were displaced.  Poor things, it couldn't have been fun to have their home destroyed, although I can't bring myself to feel much sympathy since I am definitely NOT an insect fan.

One day, sitting on the patio, DS observed insects crawling around and entering the overhang of the sliding glass patio doors. 


Time to get the spray...  DH went into action.

How do you tell a wasp from a hornet from a bee?  There seem to be many different types of flying, buzzing, stinging insects, and who wants to get close enough to tell the difference??  Not moi, that's for certain. 

Scientific fact:
 Or the 'kinder, gentler, Canadian' version:

I already told you the story about Miss A got stung. That was NOT a good thing.  And it kind of got my dander up.  Sting me, OK, I can take it.  Sting my grandchildren??  Not so much.

So the buzzing, stinging things are now displaced from the back yard.  And just where did they go??  Around to the FRONT yard!

One evening when I got home from work there was my son-in-law in my front yard armed with a FLY SWATTER... banging away at the insect population.  <sigh>  DH went out to assist.  More spraying ensued.

It wasn't exactly Armageddon but you get the idea.  I said "you guys had better be careful or someone else is going to get stung."
I also suggested contacting a real live pest control company.  After all, how long will it take two guys to swat or spray all the bees or whatever they are that are now living in the front porch of our house??  Really, people, just get it over and done with, right??
One night a bit later in the week DH reported on the progress.  "I got stung today.  IT HURTS!"
I refrained from saying I told you so.  Well, I refrained from saying it OUT LOUD.
This week the "Official Professional Pest Control Company" came and sprayed.
It appears that the buzzing, stinging things are pretty much gone.

Buzz on...

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