Monday, July 6, 2015

Post #325!

Wow, I didn't realize I had written so much!  Of course it feels like I just started doing this...

Friday was a work holiday, and if you read my blog last week you know I took some vacation days on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday, Miss E came over with her sewing machine (Rachel, the famous Babylock) and she learned how to wind bobbins, thread the machine and sew a 1/4 inch seam.  She laid out her 5 inch black, brown and gray blocks and put together the center of a small lap quilt.  She got as far as sewing on the first border, and she has a second chosen but not sewn on. 

She kept saying "Is my face in the picture?  It's not, is it?"
I also taught her how to use a ruler and rotary cutter to square things up.

Thursday we took Aunt Zel to Joann's and bought some yarn to fix a run in one of Miss E's sweaters.  Then we hit the Goodwill store and picked up a bag of cotton tee shirts because we wanted to try bleach stamping.

This is an easy way to embellish tees with rubber stamps and bleach.  I saw it first on one of my favorite blogs, Hanging By A Needle and Thread.  Here's a link:

This is a gray shirt that turned pink after bleach hit it.

This one faded but didn't change color.

Miss E's shirt surprised us all, dark blue turned orange-red.

Our crew chief, Miss A

We used plastic bin lids to keep the bleach on the front, and clean rubber stamps from our art box.  You need paper towels, bleach and water, and damp clean tee shirts.  We laid them on the grass to dry when we were done.  I only paid $3 per shirt, so if we didn't like the results, we could toss them with no guilt whatsoever!

I tried doing some work in my sewing studio, but other than moving stuff around and refolding yardage, not much was accomplished.

However, on Friday, Miss A and I were picked up by my friend Suzi for some exciting Retail Therapy.  Originally we were doing Ben Franklin Crafts and some resale shops, but decided to start with Quil-tagious, a new-to-me shop in Mukwonago.  It's actually been open for about a year.  A friend of my cousin Nancy opened it with her sister or sisters... and Nancy said it was cool.

It was!  They had a whole wall of Kaffe Fassett prints.  I succumbed immediately...

and picked up a selection.  Love the red, purple and teal combination, and the big splashy florals and 'suggestion-of-florals' that are his trademark.  He's not afraid of color, and I love that!

Friday night at family sewing night we made some additional fidget blankets for Shelley's nursing home.  By the time we got home to bed Miss A was too tired to watch the fireworks that were going off it seemed like just outside our windows.

So yards into the stash far outstripped yards out this week.  I bought 6-7 yards at Quil-tagious plus a half roll jelly, and 8 or so more at Ben's.  I did find some fat quarters that felt rather patriotic...

and some insane dots!!
These will make some awesome bindings...
Next post might be about my crazy knitting fiasco.
Sew on...

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