Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Keeping Busy With the Holiday Coming Up!

I'm so crazy busy this week you'd think I was trying to take vacation.

Oh, wait, I am... Since Independence Day is Saturday, my office is closed on Friday.  So I decided to make it a five day weekend and take off Wednesday and Thursday.  That's great, except you know you pay for vacation BEFORE you go, and again AFTER.  Murphy's Law, or office humor, or maybe both.

What I plan to do this weekend is get some more of my UFOs done, do a little socializing, and a little shopping and crafting with the grands.  My friend Suzi and I are planning an adventure on Friday when she's also off work; we're going fabric shopping and thrifting.

I have to finish up a batch of rhubarb jam.  I already made one batch, but a new bag of stalks showed up at church on Sunday.  It was small and very light in color, so there weren't a lot of takers.  The woman who brought it encouraged me to take it rather than just leave it sitting since most folks had left. 

This is a picture of some from my first batch.  Oh my gosh is it good. 

The recipe is a modification of a freezer jam recipe I found on Pinterest.  I used sugar for the 'sweat' of the rhubarb, added some strawberries, cooked it down and thickened it with strawberry Jello.  I used sugar free Jello instead of the regular.  I was worried that it required actual sugar for thickness but it turned out fine.

I have the pink quilt top to finish.  I trimmed the sides into a rectangle... I'm just not into square quilts I guess!

The color is more like this... the other photo is too 'red'.
I trimmed off portions of either side panel to get a 42 inch by 48 inch rectangle.
And I'm still knitting on the February Ladies Sweater... maybe that will be done by Christmas.  Still it's for myself so there's no rush, and it's something to do while helping hubby watch bad TV.

So the girls and I will be gallivanting for a few days.  We're going to Goodwill to buy some tee shirts because we want to try bleach painting, and we'll visit the local library because I have books on hold.

Here's a link to a site a friend sent me -- you will enjoy it:


Sew on...

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