Friday, June 26, 2015

UFO Green Sweater Update

I've been trying to figure out the weather in Wisconsin this spring/summer, but let's face it, it's Wisconsin we're talking about here... if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes, it's bound to change.

We had a spate of hot, muggy days, and the air conditioners have been working overtime.  I have the 'corporate sweater' at work, and at home I just fill my lap with some knitting and I'm good.

The lace on the February Lady's Sweater has been making me a little crazy lately, but I finally figured out where my errors were, and I think I have the pattern memorized now.

Remember the beginning?

Then there was the error and the frog stitching...

And the restart and the corrected lace...

and now we're into real progress:

This last group of pictures is from yesterday evening...I've got nearly 8 inches of lace, and of course it's not blocked yet, but I'm almost at waist level!  It's got to go another five or six inches, and then I can start on the sleeves.

My only regret was not putting buttonholes into the right side.  I was so furiously concentrating on the lace and the frogging and the reknitting that I lost track of them.  I'll find a toggle button or two, make loops, and say I planned it that way from the start.  Only my ardent followers will know differently! 

Happy Friday.  Knit on...

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