Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Projects

The past weekend was spent trying to get some projects finished.  That didn't start too well on Saturday because I had a visit from my son and grandchildren.  They live about an hour away, and I don't see them as often as I see other family members.  So it's a pleasure to see them when they do come, but all other things kind of go on hold when they're here.  After all, I'd much rather visit than clean or work!

Note to son:  If you're reading this blog, let me know a few minutes before Friday night that you're coming on Saturday!

After lunch and fun with kids on Saturday afternoon, and a brief nap, I checked my sewing studio again for what is in progress, to see if there was something I could do in a few hours.

Fabric from the church quilt guild that has to be kitted (pick a pattern, cut and bag).  There must be 30 pieces of fabric in this bag alone... nope, too big a job for Saturday night.

Stuff I started and should finish, there are a couple of table runners that could be bound...  no, maybe another day.

Read some patterns and pick a couple?  Maybe...

Make a couple of doll dresses to match a couple of sweaters I knit?  They're already cut out.

Yeah, maybe this fabric matches more than one sweater.
So I looked around the sewing room and it was SUCH a mess that I decided to go back upstairs and read a book instead.

I read a few pages of the new Louise Penny novel I bought from the used book store.  I must have been too tired to read.  I love these books but I could not stop yawning.  I'm sure it's because I stayed up too late on Friday night.

I picked up the needles and worked a few rows on another doll sweater.  That was tiring too.  So after dinner, I watched some programs I had previously recorded.  I discovered a program called Quilting Arts on PBS and record it daily.  Some of them were very interesting, but most of it is not your traditional quilting with fabric, etc.  There was a lot of painting and dying going on in the ones I watched.  Not bad stuff, just not up my alley.

By this time it was 8:45 p.m.  So I went to bed.

This morning after church and Sunday School, I took another short nap, and spent about two hours on Amazon trying to decide what to get with a gift certificate I was given.  After much transferring things from the cart to the wish list and back, I ended up with Nancy Zieman's biography Seams Unlikely, a book of quilt patterns and one more Louise Penny - A Trick of the Light.

Now it's early evening, and all I've done is give myself more stuff to do!

And my sewing room is just as messy as it was Friday evening.  But luckily no MORE messy than it was then.

Sew on...