Thursday, March 21, 2013

Are You Ready for Sewing Weekend???

Are you ready for Sewing Weekend???  May 2-4, 2013 is Sewing Weekend!

At the risk of having one of my five followers show up and make it more crowded, I'm encouraging everyone out there to take a chance on Sewing Weekend.  You won't be sorry.  It's the show to beat if you're putting on a show, and my personal favorite way to spend a weekend in Central Wisconsin.

This year, there are nationally known experts in the sewing field, both garment and quilting, plus embroidery experts too for added fun.  Lest you think I am sounding like a commercial, I have to tell you I think it's the best thing that ever happened on my birthday weekend!  It's so nice of Nancy to throw me a party!!

This year I signed up for a lecture by Mark Lipinski, one by Emma Seabrook, one by Linda McGehee, and one by Nancy Zieman.  I'm also going to listen to one on quilt bindings by a woman I have not heard before, but I'm sure it will be great and I'll learn something.

Linda, Nancy and Mark
I'm also excited about going to see the Midwest Ya-Ya Sisters, my friends Rita Farro and Mary Mulari.  They're a hoot when they get together!

Can't you just see them having the best time ever??  I have to remember to get some Zebra going on so I can be part of the club that weekend.

See, it IS like a gigantic girls' club at Sewing Weekend.  You meet all sorts of nice people, chat until your jaws ache, see the world's greatest style show, and shop until you drop!  In case you haven't figured it out, I LOVE IT!  I highly recommend the experience!

Oh, and did you see the Sewing with Nancy 30th Anniversary program on PBS this year?  I was in it!  Yep, in BOTH episodes, between sections I was on screen applauding for about four seconds late in the show.  If you blinked, you missed me!

Sew on...

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