Saturday, June 9, 2012


It's going to be hot tomorrow in southeast Wisconsin, so we're going to the zoo. 

DH bought a zoo pass again this year.  You pay a set amount and you can go as many times as you are able.  I think we have a parking pass too. 

They have a dinosaur exhibit this summer.  I'm not sure what's there, but Miss A desires to go in the worst way, so we're taking a family part tomorrow.

She knows the names of nearly every dinosaur there is.  I think she owns all the dinosaur books in the tri-county area.  I know because I've ready nearly every one of them to her at least 275 times!

She also has a corner of the market on dinosaur toys.  She has so many they make their home in a large plastic bin with double handles for hauling!  She sleeps with about five of them, her favorite is named T-Rexy, and he has a friend named Triceratopsy.

So this is how a five year old celebrates their birthday!

Ah yes, girls are different than they were when I was little.

But then, her big sister was the same way with dogs, and has never played with dolls.  Although some day I will show you all pictures of the nifty sweaters and scarves I made for her stuffed dog collection!

Keep on sewing.

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