Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Princesses and Dinosaurs

We don't have the normal kind of princesses in our family.  No looking for the pea under the mattress for us!  We're kind of a rowdy bunch, girls who work and fix things and help their husbands with projects or do their own projects and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty sometimes.  We are womanly women, make no mistake about that!  We like to get dressed up and wear cool shoes and all that.  We can do anything we want to do.  We are woman, hear us roar!! 

However, we choose what we like, and we like whatever that might be whole-heartedly!

Some of my girls like animals more than dolls and dishes.  I like to think they may be budding veterinarians or something along that line.  I think one may be a future archaeologist or paleontologist. 

Sitting astride a T-Rex
Our county zoo has an awesome exhibit of mechanical dinosaurs that make lots of noise and movement, set in a corner where the vegetation has been made to look Jurassic.  The vignettes are very lifelike, and if these dinos aren't truly life sized, they're pretty darned big! 

We went to see the dinosaurs last Sunday.  It was very hot and for me the walk was torture.  But to see the enjoyment on the faces of these three sisters was worth the discomfort.  I drank two bottles of water on the trip up the hill.  The girls put me to shame on the walk, or should I say walk/run?  They ran, I dragged my sorry butt as fast as I could without coming out of the flip-flops.

Can you tell they have a sense of humor?
I took the first picture at the beginning of the exhibit.  Nicely posed, sitting properly on the small fiberglass dino.  After a second, more candid shot (self-posed) we toured more of the exhibit.
There was a nest of some sort of babies that made a lot of noise, and the mama posed behind it made lots of threatening noises in response to their squeals.  It was pretty authentic-looking!

But no one was afraid, at least not in our party!  The smallest of us was possibly the most intrepid.  She wanted to touch all of them, but the exhibit had enough barriers to keep her on our side.  The dinos move their heads and limbs but they don't leave their spots, being anchored pretty well to the ground.

The nest of babies
So real you think it might eat you!!

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