Thursday, June 7, 2012


Disclaimer:  I am generally a healthy happy person. 

This past week I've had either a flu bug or tummy problems perhaps relating to a new brand of pain reliever I take for the arthritis I have in my hands, elbows and knees.

I used to take Brand X a couple of times a day.  It never bothered my tummy at all.   Then the industry came out with New and Improved Pain Relievers Brands A and B and C, and they were just as effective and they promised to be so much safer for your tummy...

After a couple of years of taking Brands A or B or C (generally whatever was on sale or had a coupon!) I developed a pain in my tummy that hurt more when I was hungry than full, and other assorted ailments related to that area of anatomy.

Hmmm... Dr is concerned.  Let's go get an Upper and Lower Endoscopy!  Oh Joy!!

I won't go into that whole thing.  Suffice it to say, not fun!  But the results showed lesions that would have become ulcers.

OK, back to Brand X!  Plus pick up some of that Not Inexpensive OTC Stuff That Prevents Stomach Acid From Forming!!  Take that for three months, they said.  At about a dollar a day this had become my biggest medical expense. 

I take a few vitamins, probably fewer than I actually need, and one daily medication for blood pressure.  And if I'd just lose a few pounds I could probably stop taking that!

So one day, I found out they recalled Brand X.  Not being able to find it in a store was the first clue.  Then I Googled and read the whole story.  So now I had to find something else to take for old Arthur-Itis.

The guy at the pharmacy told me just what to take.  Yeah, yeah, coated and everything!  Safe for your tummy!!

Until this week that is.  Ugh, I remember this feeling.  Better go back for OTC STPSAFF...

I wish they had a pill like this:

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