Monday, April 23, 2012

Saying Thank You

For those of you who work in offices anywhere, this week Wednesday is Administrative Professionals Day.  It used to be called Secretary's Day... way back when.  Suffice it to say that calling it Secretary's Day, or calling the person who helps you do your work a secretary, has developed some negative connotations.

Enter Administrative Professionals.  There are all sorts of folks who assist in the ordinary everyday operation of your average office.  I used to joke with my boss that I was waiting for Executive Assistant's day or Financial Assistant's day.  See what I mean?

Gone are the days when you have to pick up the boss's dry cleaning, get him/her a cup of coffee with two sugars, or pick up gifts for his/her spouse or kids!  Unless you work for the Devil Wears Prada boss -- but I think that's just a movie, right??  Ha ha, I wouldn't have lasted half a day with THAT boss!!  I'd have said 'I don't do coffee' and I would have been so fired!

I work with a great group of senior executives, who are for the most part self-sufficient and can handle their own business.  They rely on me to review and analyze information, prepare necessary paperwork, keep meetings on schedule.  I keep track of busy calendars, resolve schedule conflicts and arrange travel to send them all over the world. And get them back.

It's nice to be recognized as part of the team.  Some of these people are very good at expressing their appreciation.  It's good to know that even though they don't always say so, they notice the extra care put into making their jobs easier.

I try to do what gets them what they need and where they need to be with a minimum of B.S., red tape, and aggravation. 

And sometimes it pays off!

Oh no, Marty, thanl YOU!  And you're very welcome.

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