Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The next project...

I don't know if I've said this on my blog before but I'm a process person rather than a project person.  You know the difference -- the project person (my cousin Amy, my sister) likes to put the project together start to finish within some predefined period of time and be done, while the process person (me) likes to live a somewhat more relaxed style.  For example, if the project gets finished within the millenia I'm good.  Or if it doesn't get finished, I'm good there too.

Except when I'm doing the project FOR someone specific. 

I am making a quilt for my DD and DSIL... oh yes, I hope to have it done in 2012!!  When we were discussing the project at its inception, I offered to provide patterns so DD could choose a style.  She said "anything is fine".  She chose blue and brown for the colors, but was not fussy about shades or patterns or anything.

You would think that would be easy.

No. No, no, no.  Too many choices.  I mulled it over, studied pictures of all the blue quilts and brown quilts I could find.  Finally after dreaming about it for a week, I settled on friendship stars in the middle and a strippy block border.  I'm about half done with it as of this week.

We laid it out on the kitchen table, the largest free spot in my house.  After looking at it for a while, she decided she liked it better with sashing between the stars.

The center area is sewn together now, and the large strippy first border has been sewn into four big pieces, so all that remains is to put the skinny borders in place and sew on the outer borders.

This has been one of the more fun quilts I've done.  The friendship stars are easy, four hsts and five squares, requiring very little matching.  You only have to make sure your star points are all facing the same direction.  The block is fun to do and fast.

Of course I've been interrupted a zillion times by other projects, so it's going together slowly.  I am also making a class quilt for one of the four year old classes at A's preschool, and I had to open the stuffed animal hospital this week.  A dinosaur had a ripped tail and there was a hole in one of the Angry Birdies. 

I also *gasp!!* made myself a skirt!  Just a simple elastic waist skirt with a back slit and one seam, but it does qualify as a finish this week!  I'm hoping to wear it for Easter.

Hope you're having a good week.  Keep on sewing!

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