Monday, April 2, 2012

Help! My apple died...

Last week, after listening to tunes on my iPod all the way home from work, the device died suddenly and unexpectedly.  Between garage and kitchen it went black, displayed the Apple logo, and went dark and silent.

I went on the Internet and did a search for what it means when your device flashes you the apple.  Suggestions for resetting were tried.  And failed.  The next day I asked the IT guys at my office the next day what they would suggest.  They said without hesitation "go to the Genius Bar". 

Genius Bar??  OK, not being exactly up on all the latest gadgets, I wasn't familiar with the term.  Find and Apple store, they said.  There's a Genius Bar inside.  They'll fix it or they'll sell you a new one!

So last Friday I went to the only Apple store I could find, and sure enough, there was a Genius Bar sign on the back wall!  The store was crazy busy, but a nice young man made an appointment for me to visit the geniuses.  Turns out I only had to wait a little while, so not a big loss of time...

The Genius told me a doo-hickey was broken and he could get me a new one in about four days.  At a price that was about 25% of what I paid for the iPod when I bought it several years ago.  OK, sign me up!

I got an email the next day saying my part was in.  Hmmm, was it there all along, or was the UPS man extra fast this week?  Anyway, now my switched out part is humming along being synchronized, and I look forward to being able to listen to music or audio books again in the car or in my office, or while waiting in line for something else!

Thanks, Geniuses. 

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