Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday's Blogs

Monday mornings are so stressful and I understand they're even more stressful on the week we 'spring forward' for Daylight Savings Time.

There was a story on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday about sleep deprivation.  Most adults don't get enough sleep.  Boy, don't I know it!

I usually go to 'sewing night' on Fridays, then sleep in a bit on Saturday.  Then I'm not tired on Saturday night and I stay up later, usually in my sewing room.  Sunday I get up early for church and then do something fun in the afternoon.  But Sunday night I stay up later -- trying to make the weekend last, I guess.  So it's hard to get up early to go to work!

But Mondays are good days to catch up with my 'blog' friends.  Rita's back from the big sewing expo, and Bonnie has a wonderful post about the new edition of 100 Quilt Block, the magazine.  Stop over and read up!  You can use the link below to go right to her blog:

And happy Monday, everyone!

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