Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm Guesting on American Sewing Guild's Blog!!

Just wanted to let you know that today I'm a guest blogger on American Sewing Guild's blog!

I've been a member of ASG for a more than 14 years.  They have always been a great organization for those who love sewing.  They have a wonderful web site at

Recently they have made great strides in electronic communications. Available for members only from the web site are the Notions Magazine on line edition, chapter newsletters and FREE sewing webinars!  And this is at no cost once your membership fee is paid.  You can even join on line and pay your dues with a credit card!

My guest blog topic is teaching kids to sew, and my blog model is my oldest granddaughter, E.  We hope to make this a recurring appearance as she develops her sewing skills.

Check it out! If you do, please leave a comment there.  And my thanks go to Samina for her encouragement and assistance.

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