Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SOW Along -- The Phone Guy's Wife Quilt Squares

I previously posted about doing the SOW Along with Randy in California's Barrister's Block blog,  http://barristersblock.blogspot.com/

Since my DH used to work for Ma Bell, I'm calling mine "The Phone Guy's Wife".

Since then, the author of the book Randy was basing the Sow Along on asked her to remove all references to the book due to possible copyright infringement.  Now I understand copyright infringement, have been a supporter of enforcement of rules all of my life, and I understand from whence this lady may be coming.  But many, many quilting teachers teach classes based on books and patterns by others.  They either include the price of the purchase of the book in their class price or require to book (or pattern) to be purchased by each student.

Hard to do on the Internet...

All of the patterns used in the book are in public domain.  I know because I bought the book.  Yep, my interest in the project made me go out to Amazon.com and buy a copy.  Because, you know, I love books, and I love sewing, so books about sewing are like a little piece of heaven!

The book contains a CD with templates, but beware -- depending upon what printer you use, you may have to adjust the size of the templates slightly.  I made the first block exactly as my little Canon printer showed them, and the finished block was a little on the small side.  There are no construction directions either, so you have to look for directions elsewhere.  That's why Randy's cutting and sewing directions would be so helpful.

I decided to go into my bin of green fabric, and toss in some light neutrals.  Last night I finished up my six blocks for the month of February.  I started at the back of the book with the first pattern, and they're in alphabetical order.  So this month I did these blocks.  Sorry about the photos, some of them are a little crooked and the flash was too close. 

Attic Window:  an easy block, kind of fun to do.  Not too challenging but I used a piece of fabric from my 'grass' fat quarter in the smallest triangle.

Autumn Tints:  Why is this called Autumn Tints??  The illustration shows the larger squares using a fussy cut, but I just used a fabric I liked.

Basket:  I put some floral fabric 'in the basket'.  Baskets are not empty at my house!

Basket Weave:  here I used almost the last piece of a fat quarter with apples on it.

Bat Wing:  Uh, I have to tell you I hate this square, and I will never make it again!  The odd angle had me ripping twice on each wing at least.

Big Dipper:  Quarter square triangles in a fabric I love so I used it again.  Once I knew the finished size I dug out my triangle paper and Thangles to see if I had the right size.  Eureka!  Saved by math!

Coming up for March -- more beeees! 
  1. Birds in the Air - some large and lots of little triangles
  2. Bouquet - kind of like a basket
  3. Box --nearly all HSTs
  4. Bow Tie - fun and easy
  5. Broken Dishes -- Small (1.5" finished) HSTs
  6. Broken Sugar Bowl -- four patch, HST
Keep on sewing!


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    1. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you like them.


  2. Nice to read your position on the copyright issue. I too went out and bought the book which we are not mentioning from my LQS... 1.because I too love books, 2. to support the author and 3. so that I could see what else was coming up next. I appreciate how Randy has handled this and the bonus blocks. I totally agree about that wretched Bat Wing block. I drew it out and constructed it via paper-piecing and will never make that one again...one was more than enough. Quilt ON!

    1. I visited your blog and it looks like you're doing great on the blocks you finished. I like your colors!


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