Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lost and Found

As usually happens with me, my new camera came in UPS last week, and yes, my old camera showed up on the kitchen table last night!  So where was the little devil??  My daughter had it.  I thought I put it somewhere safe, like the linen closet (because everyone stores important stuff there, right??)  But she must have borrowed it and told her dad, but since he didn't know I was frantically looking for it, he didn't mention it.  Oh well, now I have two.

The new one is smaller, and it's red.  So I shouldn't have any trouble locating it from now on, right??

Anyway, now I can start posting my own pictures instead of using clip art!

Speaking of posting, I've been asked to be a guest blogger on the ASG web site.  That's American Sewing Guild for the uninitiated. is the web site and the blog can be read by clicking on the BLOG button in the upper left corner.  I haven't decided what I'm writing about yet, but my oldest grand and I discussed it last night and we may post some stuff on teaching your kids to sew.  She has already passed the first hurdle which is being afraid to get your hands near the presser foot, so she's ready.  And she's excited about possibly being a 'blog model'.  Hollywood, here we come!!  LOL!

Keep on sewing...

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