Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Learning new things!

I think I've said before that I'm not exactly up on the new phone stuff, and if not I am saying it now.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I was forced to upgrade to a digital phone several years ago.  The lady in the phone store had asked me whether the kids were laughing at my old phone!!  So I got a flip phone with a camera and some other stuff I didn't use, and that was nice.  Then I upgraded again to a flatter, more square model with a bigger 'screen', also with a lot of stuff I didn't use.

Then I dropped it in some water.  Long story... boring beyond words.  Suffice it to say, damage done!  So last August I got a new Smart Phone.  A really low-level Smart Phone, but still, LOTS MORE stuff I don't use.  Do I really go enough places to need GPS??

So while my camera was lost, I took phone pics.  Fun, but frustrating.  How to get the blasted things from the phone to somewhere usable, like my computer??? 

Enter eldest child, my son the techno-wizard.  Last weekend he enabled my email on the phone, a task I had been heretofore unable to accomplish.  He said "now you can email the pics anywhere".  He even showed me that I could upload the pics to Facebook, which he did, adding a rather self-agrandizing message for a laugh.  What a guy!

But later when I tried to email those pics to my computer, guess what?  NOTHING!!  It took me a whole day of stewing to finally figure it out.  My email is smart enough to know it's trying to send a message to ITSELF and it will not waste the time!  Ha! 

So today I emailed my pictures to my work address, and now I can retrieve them from my home SENT mail, plus I have a copy at work if I want one. 

Here are some of the pictures from my phone:

Someone likes to take pictures... Grand 'A' was in the car with me while we waited for her mom to join us for Chinese food.  She was kind of bored until we took out the phone. 
She also took a picture of her favorite shoe... in her favorite color, of course!!

This is a quilt I worked on at the retreat I attended.  More detail on another post.

This is a quilt I made to replace one that Miss A has loved nearly to death.  Along with her friend Sock Monkey.  More on that another day too...

For now, let's say I'm happy to be able to move these pictures around and not lose them!!


  1. Dearest Mother,

    You're blog is wonderful. You have a knack for writing. I enjoyed it, even though I don't sew....much.

    By the way, you don't have an iphone. You have a smart phone that's about as far away from being an iphone as you can get without breaking the string!

    Love you! Your Son.


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