Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sewing in the Basement

What have I been doing lately? I tried to figure that out on the drive to work the other day. OK so this month I assisted my oldest granddaughter in the design and construction of a Barbie's cheerleader outfit. I cleaned and organized my magazine collection, tossing a lot of stuff I didn't need.

And I actually did some sewing for myself.  I made a really cute top using the Linda Lee/Louise Cutting pattern Nine Lives. I just have to find some buttons to match. The cool thing is that the fabric came from the fabric resale room at the sewing expo in Platteville, WI, a couple of summers ago. Cost of fabric -- $2.00! Cost of pattern -- more than $2.00! I also finished a red twin set with a McCalls pattern by Nancy Zieman, and a vest from a McCalls Palmer/Pletsch pattern.

Sewing is an activity I have enjoyed for many years. I'm not telling HOW many, but let me say I started sewing about 5 or 6 years before I could legally obtain a driver's permit. My 'stash' or as I prefer to call it, resource center, rivals the best of them. But it's so satisfying when the granddaughters ask to help with or do a project and we can just open a bin and viola! the makings are ALL available without any aggravating trips to the store. When we feel creative, we just create!

The only slightly negative thing about sewing for me at present is where I sew. I'm in a finished room in the basement, which is nice, and it was my choice. But some days I go down to my studio at 11 a.m. and don't see another person until I come up for dinner! I miss seeing what the kids next door were doing, whether there were any birds feeding in my garden, and what the sunshine looked like through the trees.
I do catch up on the episodes of Jeopardy I recorded ... lol!

I dug in the resource center bins and came up with a green wool blend for an unlined, single layer jacket from another Nancy Zieman McCalls pattern. Got that cut out, hopefully I'll have time for another basement session next weekend!

Happy Sewing, or whatever else you plan to do with your day.

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