Friday, August 4, 2017

Brrrr... It's State Fair Opening Weekend

This morning when I got out of bed a rather frigid wind was blowing in from the open windows.  Yesterday we turned off the air and opened up windows after dinner because it seemed so nice out!  Some sort of front moved in, causing several hard but brief showers through the afternoon, and cutting the temperature down by nearly 15 degrees within a few hours.

So 72 down from 86 isn't bad.  I like 72 degrees.  72 is a good room temp -- you rarely need a sweater indoors. 

Then this morning... when DH turned on the TV it said 57.  It's August!!  This is late September weather!  Oh the joys of living in Wisconsin.  If you don't like the weather, hang around a little, it will change.

I think it was a 'take that' moment from Mother Nature for the opening day of State Fair.  A lot of folks got wet yesterday!

There's a lot to do and see at the Fair.  When I was a member of the American Sewing Guild I used to sometimes work a table there to encourage people to take an interest and maybe join.  We would sit in the Family Living Center, hand out leaflets, sometimes sew something.  The last time I was there I could have sold about a half dozen sergers because I was using mine.  Now I just go and look.
There's also Fair Food... like anything on a stick, or deep fried on a stick.
 My favorite fair treat is the lemonade from the small stands that make it with fresh lemons and fizzy water. Oh and a cream puff.

In doing an internet search on the Fair I came across this poster from 1900.  Parking was not a problem because you could get there by rail.  I wonder how close it was to a train station or stop?

I hope your weekend is wonderful.  Miss A and I are going to Walgreens and maybe for a little trip to the Amazing Goodwill.
Rock on!

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