Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 1, Can You Believe It?

Since I've been working from home for the summer and reducing my hours by 25%, I haven't spent as much time in front of the computer as usual.  Summer in Wisconsin is very short, compared to some other places in the world.  I know, not as short as some others, but that's not what we're discussing!

It seems such a waste of time to sit indoors if the weather is nice and you have somewhere to go... yesterday I took a short jaunt to the public library.  Just being outside and now having to wear a sweater or a coat was wonderful.

Not that I don't love sweaters!!  And I love making them... especially the small ones, like these American Girl sized things.

I've spent some time in the sewing room too.  I'm determined to get some of those small pieces out of my stash, or at least organized.  I found a big stack of blue that were somewhere between quarter yards and half yards and cut out a Yellow Brick Road kit.  I sewed the blocks and then some rows.

It's going to be pretty big when it's all sewn together.  I'm glad this one has no borders.  I am still thinking about rearranging the columns a bit, there seems to be a dark area at the bottom and the parts that don't show off to the right and left are also a little dark.  I can't back up far enough in my workroom to get it all in one photo!

On my way home from somewhere a couple of weeks ago I stopped at Michael's and bought three skeins of pink yarn from Loops & Threads.  It's very soft, but because it has nylon in it, it is VERY slippery to knit.  I just need to finish the sleeves on this size six month sweater.  It's ready for the next baby girl I encounter.

I'm working on a two to three week crock of dill pickles too!  It's only a one gallon crock, so I only have $8 worth of pickles fermenting.  My whole house smells like vinegar and dill!  I'm working from a canning book I bought in 1970.  Well, to say working is kind of a long stretch -- every morning I check to make sure there's enough brine in the crock.  This is one week into it.  Next Monday I can test one for taste.

Last project completed is this embroidery.  It's all backstitch, with a few lazy daisy stitches for the leaves.  When I saw this sampler at the quilt show in Mukwonago I knew I needed to get it.  I had to special order it because they were sold out.  When it came I was so happy I got right on it, jumping over a couple dozen other projects.  It was fast to finish too.  On my Michael's trip I picked up the frame and mat kit for $8 on sale.  Now I just need to decide where to hang it.

Hope your summer is going great.  I've gone on a few fabric junkets, eaten some great Chinese food and done some craft projects with the grands.  The less I go to work, the less I want to go. 

Maybe we can win the lottery this week!

Stitch on...

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