Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stop the Presses!!! Alert The Media!!!

DH finally broke down and got a new phone!

This photo came from a Wikipedia article on the 'evolution of the phone' I think this was from about 2000... and what DH had was a number 3.  No iPhones here!!

It was a good phone at one time.  It did what he wanted it to do: he got calls, he made calls.  He hates having his picture taken so there's no reason he would want to take anyone else's I guess.  He will not text, although he could receive and read them.

But the Phone Company informed him months ago that they were going to stop supporting that technology at the end of 2016.

Me:  You should get a better phone.
DH:  Why?  This one still works.
Me:  I know, but you've had it forever.  Maybe it's time to get a nicer one.
DH:  I'm going to make them support me until the end of next year.

Hmmm.  OK then!

This past week I called him on his cell twice, and left messages.  On Saturday I was out with a friend at Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee, and called him to say I'd be later than I expected.

When I got home at 6:00 p.m. he said "I thought you were going to be home at 5".  I said "I called you and left a message!"

He looked at his phone.  No bars.  Well maybe half a bar.  And no message waiting signal.  He called his voicemail, sure enough, there's a message!

Daughter and granddaughters also encouraged getting a new phone.  He finally broke down and got one this Monday.

Here's how far we have progressed:
Rock on!  Not exactly the latest and greatest, but maybe it's the best that can be expected.  And the 14 year old can help him set it up.  LOL!

P.S.  Laura, the UPS man should be bringing you a little package soon... congratulations, hope you like it!

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